TheraBundle Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions govern your participation in and use of the website located at (“Website”) and any other web pages, apps (“App”) or electronic services operated by Private Practice Paperwork Ltd. Registered in England & Wales Company number 12168540 Registered Address First Floor, 85 Great Portland Street, London W1W 7LT, United Kingdom for the access and use of certain materials, as detailed below (the “Services”). These terms and conditions (“Terms”) set out the terms of your relationship with Private Practice Paperwork (“we”, “us” or “PPP”). Please read these terms carefully as they affect your rights and obligations under the law.

If you do not agree to these Terms in full, please do not register with us or continue to use the Services. 

Please also see our Privacy Policy for details about how we, as data controller, collect and use the personal data you enter into our system as well as the use of cookies.

We are proud of the TheraBundle and the results which can be achieved by therapists and practitioners when they have access to the resources they need to effectively and efficiently run their business. Our terms include important information including your legal rights. Please read these terms and conditions of purchase in full before completing your order. 

The TheraBundle provides you with access codes to 90+ digital products and courses. On completion of payment for your bundle, you will receive instant access to sign-up codes to use to download any of the digital products within the bundle. You can then use the codes to access as many courses as you like. Please be aware that:

  1. You will receive digital access codes from us, however, you will not receive digital products from us directly. You will be required to manually input the access codes into each third party website to enrol in the course or access each download or resource. Should you wish to access all 90+ products within the bundle you will need to input the relevant access code to each one of the 90+ websites.
  2. You MUST use your digital access codes by 1 December 2023 to sign up for the digital courses and resources within the bundle that you wish to have access to. You do not need to view and complete each course by that date but you must have enrolled yourself with each third-party provider by that deadline, which is strict and cannot be extended.
  3. Due care and attention has been taken in the selection of the participants for the TheraBundle. The courses and products advertised as being within the bundle are detailed as an example only. As the courses are provided by third parties we can provide no guarantees as to the quality or the availability of a specific course. We can guarantee that you will have access to over 90 digital assets but we make no guarantees as to which assets. 
  4. We are not liable or responsible for the content of any of the courses or digital products which are created by third party professionals who are all experts within their specific industry. Should you have any questions about the content or need any support, you should contact the relevant provider of that digital course directly.
  5. Should you wish to add the Trello Board to your purchase you will be purchasing an organisational tool which can be used to organise the downloads you may wish to make. The Trello Board does not have the access codes added and you will need to populate these with your logins and any other information.

Refund Rights:

You are purchasing digital content with instant access and as a result, you are waiving your right to cancel your order and obtain a refund. As you will receive the unique digital download codes instantly (and the digital Trello Board if purchased as an extra) as soon as you purchase, you will not be entitled to receive a refund if you change your mind, so do check that you the TheraBundle is the correct product to meet your needs before making your order. Please get in touch with us before you complete your purchase if you have any questions. You will not be entitled to a refund or permitted to cancel your order if you change your mind.

Following completion of your purchase:

Should you have any problems with accessing your digital codes or any other problems then please check out FAQ page: https// in the first instance and if you still have a question which we haven't answered you can contact us on that page by filing out our website form. If you have any questions about a particular course or resource which you have downloaded, or you are having difficulties with the functionality of any offers you should contact the course provider directly who will be able to support you.

All Rights Reserved:

Please be advised that we reserve all rights to our intellectual property within the TheraBundle. You are not permitted to copy, distribute, adapt, edit or share any of our products with third parties. Each purchase of the TheraBundle grants that purchaser with a licence strictly for their use only. We appreciate that you may really love one of the trainings and wish to show it to a colleague of your work group, if so, please contact the contributor directly and ask for a group training price. Except for the use of excerpt(s) in any review or article, with appropriate acknowledgment including brand tags on social media, the reproduction or utilisation of the TheraBundle in whole or in part in any form is strictly prohibited without our prior written permission.