TheraBundle Support

If you would like support with your TheraBundle purchase, you may find the answer to your question in the video or the FAQs below.

If not, please contact us using the Support Request Form and we will respond as soon as possible [Office Hours Mon-Fri 9-4pm CET]. Thank you!

Yay! I purchased TheraBundle! Where do I log in to access all the courses?

Hello, thank you for your question about TheraBundle!

When you purchased TheraBundle, you should have received:

1. Your invoice from

2. Your login details for TheraBundle from *If you've worked with me before, your login details are still the same.

3. A welcome email with the subject line "[THERABUNDLE] Access details inside!"

You will find the TheraBundle Access portal in a course format over on Tamara’s website

The direct course link is

Inside TheraBundle, you will find instructions for how to access all the courses, masterclasses, templates and downloads before 14 October 2022.

I didn't get any emails after purchase!

If you have checked your spam, junk, promotions and under the carpet (jk!) and still no invoice or email from me, this usually means there was a typo in your email address at sign up. Sign us to let us know and we'll sort it out. It has to be amended on 3 systems to send invoice, login and welcome emails so please bear with us.

I can't log into TheraBundle.

You will find the TheraBundle Access portal in a course format over on Tamara’s website

The direct course link is

How to log in:

  1. If you are new to, please check your email for login and password details sent to you when you purchased TheraBundle. 

  2. If you have purchased a course from Tamara before using the same email address, use your usual login and password to access the course.

  3. If you cannot find your login details, re-set your password on the log in page using the email you signed up with. When you try your new password, open a new browser window and start fresh.

  4. If none of that works, there may have been a typo in the purchase email (and you may not have received an invoice) - please let us know using the Support Request Form and we’ll re-set your email address from our end!

I bought the TheraBundle Trello Board, where is it?

In your first email from me with the subject "[THERABUNDLE] Access details inside!], you will find the link to the Trello Board Template.

Click "Create board from template" at the top of the board to make your own version.

I'm also sending a second separate one out just about the Trello board so you easily search your inbox and the subject line is "[THERABUNDLE] Trello Tracker Template Link".

I wish I had bought the Trello Board! Have I missed my chance?!

The Trello Board Template is such a great visual help and a great place to store worksheets and downloads too!

You can still buy the Trello Tracker for $15 here.

You will receive an invoice and a separate email with the link to create your own template board plus instructions.

I'm having trouble signing up to one of the offers, can you help?

On the TheraBundle Tracker [which you will find in your access portal], you will find support emails for each contributor.

If you do not hear back, please complete our Support Request Form so we can collect information from you about the error.

Where can I find the coupon code?

You can find all the coupon codes on the Tracker.

  • Search through categories, contributor names and descriptions to find the offers that you are interested in.
  • Click to be taken to their site where you can sign up for their offer.
  • Please ensure you use your coupon codes at each contributor's site to gain access before the closing date 14 October 2022.
  • Some offers have dedicated sign up pages that do not need coupon codes to make it extra easy for you!

I paid for something by mistake when signing up for an offer!

Please check the Tracker inside the course portal for the Contributor customer service email and they will rectify this for you.

How do I log into something I signed up for?

Once you have signed up for a template, download or course, you should automatically receive an email with instructions of how to download / access it.


If it was a download or template, there usually won’t be a log in for later and you will likely have saved it to your Download Folder when you initially signed up for it.


If it was a course, use the log in link on your Tracker spreadsheet. If you have not received a log in for a course, please contact the contributor directly using the customer service email address provided on the Tracker. 

If anything looks like it isn’t working, please let us know and we’ll follow up.

How long do I have to access the products in theraBundle?

You’ll have until 14 October 2022 to browse all the offers and enroll in or sign up for the ones that catch your eye.

Downloads and templates are yours forever and courses should all give at least 6 months access - and in most cases "lifetime access" (which means the lifetime of the course). Please check individual terms with Contributors as all our businesses differ!

Be sure to set a reminder so that you don’t forget to sign up before 14 October. I won’t be able to ask the Contributors to extend their coupon codes if you miss the deadline.

Do we get CEUs or CPD certificates for these courses?

There might be a few courses in here with CEU or CPD certificates provided, you can check with individual Contributors. That wasn't a requirement of their participation so it will be a massive bonus if they do provide that!

I missed my chance to buy TheraBundle, can I still get it somehow?

I’m sorry but we aren’t able to extend availability for purchase or sign up due to our contractual agreement with contributors.

I missed the sign up deadline, can I get a refund?

Due to the digital nature of the product and the collaborative nature of the project, we are unable to issue returns or refunds. We realize there are many reasons for not signing up straight away and so the expiry date of 14 October is published inside the access portal, on the website and in emails.

We understand this may not be the answer you were hoping for but have to honor the commitment we made to our Contributor Team according to the terms they agreed.

Do I need to pay extra additional fees to sign up to anything?

You can choose as many offers as you like! All 46 offers are available for you to sign up for/download after purchase.

There are no additional costs after the $97, but we have added the value of each product so you can see what it is usually sold for.

Can I share these amazing courses with my colleagues or group practice?

In case you LOVE one of the trainings and want to show it to a colleague or your group at work, please contact the Contributor direct and ask or request a group training price. They may offer a more comprehensive offer, a live event or the link to purchase the course individually.

TheraBundle is strictly one purchase per person, so please do not share logins or downloads with others. It was a big leap of faith for Contributors to join in and I want to make sure they know we value and appreciate them making their contributions so accessible.