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A unique collection of tutorials, masterclasses and templates for therapists available for $100 from 24-31 October 2023

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We became therapists so we could help people.

You started your therapy practice to help people. So did we!  

But nobody taught us about:

  • admin and organisation
  • networking and social media
  • scheduling and cancellations
  • inbox - the endless inbox!

And everything else we get more than a little behind on even though we joined all the Facebook Groups and read all the Profit First books and signed up to expensive coaching to help grow our practices.

But somehow, no matter how “busy” we are trying to get organized and figure out the biz thing, sometimes, we still feel like a swan. 

Smooth gliding as far as the eye can see but frantic under the surface of the water.

The truth is . . .

We don’t have to spend a fortune to get the backend of our practices organized now.

What we need is a one-stop solution for planning, organizing and implementing every step in our business setup and beyond.

A solution by experts created especially for therapists.

For all helping professionals.

A mockup with a desktop screen surrounded by ipads, laptop and pages showing the mockups of bundle product offers.

Introducing TheraBundle...

Choose from over 90 amazing resources to help you build your profitable practice no matter what stage of your career you’re at.

From 24-31 October 2023

you can get access to over $8,500 worth of resources for $100!

Join the TheraBundle Waitlist 

Be the first to hear when doors open!

If you want to follow our progress and be notified the minute doors open so you can purchase the bundle, pop your name onto the list here. 


TheraBundlers who bought in 2022 share their thoughts on TheraBundle with you! *Shared with permission.


has everything you need as a counselor, psychotherapist, psychologist or other helping professional. 

  1. 1
    Inclusivity TheraBundle 2023 is focused on helping therapists to develop inclusive, accessible and trauma-sensitive therapy practices. We want to highlight topics relating to inclusivity and promote diverse voices to augment representation in our professional community. This includes People of Colour, neurodivergent creators, people of all sizes, ages and caring responsibilities, members of the LGBTQ+ community, all religious backgrounds, (dis)abilities and economic situations. 
  2. 2
    Business & Administration Here’s a formidable and creative collection of spreadsheets, workbooks and private practice building courses. Yes, you might just get back hours in your day!
  3. 3
    Marketing & Websites There is nothing salesy or sleazy about the way you’ll learn how to market yourself with this bundle. Not with the amazing experts teaching on topics such as website copywriting, getting listed on Google, or getting started with a YouTube channel. These resources will give you confidence in sharing your skills publicly.
  4. 4
    Professional & Personal Development These absolute essentials include clinical skills that we will all need in our practices at some point during our careers as well as plenty of personal growth opportunities.
  5. 5
    Alternative Income Streams You have a million ideas to share with the world, and want to find a scalable way to do that. These thera-preneurs and online business pioneers share exactly how to do that so you can develop extra income streams.
This image says available 24-31 October for just $100, $8500 worth of resources from 90+ Contributors next to the TheraBundle logo

….and it’s all available here for the wild price of $100!

How it Works

For $100 you get access to $8500 worth of resourses. When you sign up you'll get access to  free sign up codes and you can choose to sign up for as many of the courses as you like. That means that for a flat fee of $100, you can access all of the courses with no additional costs.

Are you worried you’ll have questions, or that you’ll feel overwhelmed by how to sign up to each resource you want? We have something special planned to help with that.

We will host co-working sign up sessions during the sign up month between 1 November and 1 December and walk you through signing up for your chosen resources, so that you get all the golden nuggets you’re looking for without any tech headaches.


After you purchase your bundle, we’ll send you a receipt and link to log in to the course dashboard for your bundle access.


Browse by category or scroll the amazing contributors and make a note of which ones you want to enroll in!


See something you like? Enrol before 1 December 2023 with the 100% off coupon codes and dive into learning.


RSVP to come to a sign up sesh where I will answer questions and offer support while you get stuff done.

I know that private practice is a lone wolf gig, no matter how sociable we are.

And for those of us not in private practice, working in agencies, newly qualified, fully licensed, looking to retire - at all stages of our careers there’s a scarcity of support and resources for professional helpers.

That’s why I’m so delighted to provide you with all these resources all in one place.

I’ve always loved a helpful spreadsheet or set of writing prompts to help get my websites started and when I realized how helpful it was just to have a framework, or a training video or a Trello template, I couldn’t wait to gather some of the best resources available and get this collection in your hands. 

And because I know you are focused on being present with your clients and that you don’t have oodles of time to shop for courses, I've done it for you!

Tamara Howell

MSc, PGDip, Reg. MBACP Accred.

I'm a UK Qualified Psychotherapist based in France with an online international private practice.


contains everything you need to:

Set up your private practice

Attract the clients you do your best work with

Ensure you have an affirming practice

Implement strategy and organization with support

Consider stepping out of therapy and into coaching

Think bigger and start building a side hustle

What made you buy TheraBundle last year?

Knowing Tamara through previously buying from her and knowing the excellence she puts into everything there was no doubt it would be a fantastic deal.  

Already signed up and blown away by the amazing offers from so many amazing people 


Tamara Howell made me do it!!! Haha. Honestly, despite all the posts and excitement in the build up, I wasn’t going to buy Therabundle. Especially as finances are tight right now with the cost of living crisis. But the content was just too good to turn down for £85. If I use just one or two items, that’s my money well spent - and I get to try everything. This is the best investment I’ve made since starting private practice.

Chris Clark

Learning how to organize my gmail inbox was almost worth the value of the whole package!! I’m not kidding. I love organizing and things like spreadsheets. It’s obvious that a lot of thoughtfulness went into developing this program to support the user and I greatly appreciate their organization skills, like the tracker spreadsheet, to help keep everything streamlined. Can’t wait to start signing up for the offers! 

Emily Perraut

I think it is great to be part of a community of fabulous therapists who have specific skills that they are happy to share. It's like having access to really skilled colleagues. Thank you! 

I've started signing up and have found the excel spreadsheet invaluable for keeping track of where I am!

Suzanna De Silva - Silva Counselling

What would you like your fellow therapists to know?

I bought TheraBundle because I was keen to gain the combined expertise, experience and abillity of the contributors across the bundle.

My highlights were the Medical Insurance Templates from Virtually Irreplaceable, Suicide Risk Assessment from Norine Vander Hooven and Treatment Planning Tool for Substance Use by Betsy Byler.

Mark Cadman

I am very excited to have bought this bundle - there is such a broad range of information and I am looking forward to using much of it to grow from a single person private practice to a group practice.

I am also looking forward to the educational resources for better working with marginalized clients.


I always feel confident when buying Tamara's offers. She puts her all into whatever she creates so I knew Therabundle was definitely worth checking out. And I'm really glad I did! I've signed up for about 6 of the courses, all of which are on subjects that I've been wanting to learn more about. Can highly recommend therabundle, it's unquestionably worth the money!


Questions you may have...

I’m new to being a therapist, is this for me?

Yes, this bundle is for all counselors, psychotherapists, psychologists, social workers and other helping professionals who want to expand their skill set, level up their business proficiency and get inspired by leaders in our field!

I’m NOT new to this profession, how can I know if this will be beneficial for me?

Start by identifying what issues you’re having with private practice. What part of the business aspect is burning you out? In TheraBundle, you’ll be able to browse through 5 clearly organized categories in order to find ONLY the information you’re looking for. No shame - just grab the bundle and zero in on the offers in that section only. You don’t have to sign up for them all! 

I’m a helping professional but not exactly a counselor.

You are SO welcome here. There are so many resources that are applicable to other professions, helpers and beyond. VAs can apply the trainings on affirmative practice, planning, organization to their businesses, physiotherapists can use all the private practice, niche and marketing materials and coaches will love the mindset and personal self care aspects of the bundle. 

I’ve been a therapist for a while but I’m not in private practice. Is this still relevant?

I thought of you when putting together this bundle! Why should agency therapists and group practice therapists and volunteers not benefit from TheraBundle! There are so many resources in here beyond the business and marketing… and if you decide to take the leap into working solo or building a side hustle, you’ll have these resources to help you along the way.

Can you say more about the inclusivity theme and focus for TheraBundle 2023?

We intentionally focused on increasing representation of creators who are often under represented in the therapy and online business communities. We had hoped for more representation last year but fell short so we prioritised and focus on it more deeply this time around. We learned from feedback last year, discussed with contributors in a debrief and privately what steps we could take to improve, undertook coaching and guidance from creators who are often underrepresented and from leaders in the inclusivity guidance spaces. Some of that was formal and sessional and some was ongoing, and we continue to discuss this actively amongst Contributors and the TheraBundleTeam.

We researched and invited hundreds of people to participate this year, with a focus on increasing visible representation, and on the application form we asked potential Contributors to nominate friends and colleagues to us to approach. The Contributors were AMAZING and shared so many fantastic creators with us, even connecting us directly and vouching for TheraBundle. We're so excited to welcome some of those nominees to the team and feature their work.

We asked on the application form if people would like to share with us anything about their identities, emphasising that it was entirely optional and would not be shared publicly by us. Over 55% of applicants shared their identity as part of an under represented or marginalised community. This includes (and is not limited to) People of Color, neurodivergent creators, people of all sizes, ages and caring responsibilities, members of the LGBTQ+ community, all religious backgrounds, (dis)abilities and economic situations.

We also provided tech support, course creation and setup guidance during TheraBundle season through various channels, which meant that quite a few of our Contributors who are new to the online course creation world were able to participate.

At the time of writing this (and bearing in mind Contributors may withdraw before cart opens, sometimes for personal reasons or tech issues), over 50% of confirmed contributors shared with us their (visible or non visible) under represented identities and 20% of the Contributor team are People of Color. The gender diversity of this bundle is... well, veeeeeeery limited and we will continue to work on this.

Although this means TheraBundle offers more visible and non visible representation for Contributors than last year, we can see for ourselves through this process how much more work there is to do on this, both in the therapy field and online business world. We're committed to featuring and promoting diverse voices and would LOVE for you to connect us with creators you follow, get involved in TheraBundle as a creator next time and promote the current Contributors.

I’m so overwhelmed with info, tips, and trainings…

AND that’s why I created a searchable spreadsheet for everyone who purchases the bundle. You will be able to search by different people and offers and choose ONLY what you need from each one.

Will my email address be shared with all the contributors?

NO. When you click to purchase, your email address will be shared with the organizer (that’s me, Tamara) so that I can give you access to the dashboard of resources, remind you about the opt-in deadline, and invite you to a Sign Up Sesh. After you’ve opted in, you will choose which resources you want to sign up for (and which course creators receive your email address). 

Are all these courses in one place or housed on all the different contributors’ platforms?

When you purchase TheraBundle, you’ll be given access to a page with all the sign up links and 100% discount codes. Each of these products is published and currently for sale between $27 and $297. You can get access to them all with your $100 payment.

That means you go to each offer you want, sign up and you’ll be treated as a full fee paying customer.

How long do I have to access the products?

You’ll have until 1 December 2023 to browse all the offers and enroll in or sign up for the ones that catch your eye.

Downloads and templates are yours forever and courses should all give at least 6 months access - and in most cases "lifetime access" (which means the lifetime of the course). Please check individual terms with Contributors as all our businesses differ!

Be sure to set a reminder so that you don’t forget to sign up before 1 December. I won’t be able to ask the Contributors to extend their coupon codes if you miss the deadline.

How are you able to offer such a huge discount?

In a super amazing twist of innovative alignment, these 90+ creators have agreed to include their resources for the chance to meet you and welcome you to their communities. They make 50% of any sales through their affiliate links to their own audiences, AND they might get to connect with therapists that wouldn’t otherwise have found them.

This is a huge investment for them. As well as getting all the materials ready and answering my constant emails over the last few months, some of them are newcomers and won’t make income from sales. That means they have fresh email lists waiting to make a fuss of you and share resources! 

What is your refund policy? What if we change our mind or forget to sign up?

Due to the incredible generosity of contributors and digital nature of all the products, no refunds are possible. I have immense confidence in the trainings, templates, courses and tutorials in this bundle and feel like there will be something for everyone.

Can I buy this later?

No. These are published, for sale products and contributors are offering this opportunity for one week only. We aren’t allowed to sell them in this format after the cart closes so it’s really a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Why is this being sold in USD and not GBP, EUR or AUD?

The majority of Contributors are in the US. When you choose a payment method, it will automaticaly convert for you, so you don't have to have a stash of dollars to pay. In this case, I reached out to my audience and asked if charging in USD would cause a problem and the response was that charging in USD wouldn't not stop people buying TheraBundle.

I have purchased TheraBundle but something doesn't work.

In case you have questions AFTER buying TheraBundle, please contact us using the Support Request Form. 

Can I take these courses or use these templates at my own pace, or do I need to rush to use them by a deadline?

Once you’ve accessed them, they’re yours. No need to rush! The contributors will treat you as if you were a paying customer and you should have at least 6 months’ access - with some sharing lifetime access.

Just make sure to sign up to the products you want by 1 December 2023!

Do we get CEUs or CPD certificates for these courses?

There might be a few courses in here with CEU or CPD certificates provided, you can check with individual Contributors. That wasn't a requirement of their participation so it will be a massive bonus if they do provide that!

Do I need to pay extra additional fees to sign up to anything?

You can choose as many offers as you like! All 90 offers are available for you to sign up for/download after purchase.

There are no additional costs after the $100, but we have added the value of each product so you can see what it is usually sold for.

Words from 2022 TheraBundlers

April Hibdon, LCSW

I have been in workshops w/ several of the presenters and trust them and their opinions.

Wow there is so much valuable information in this bundle. I was worried that there may not be much that I would find useful but OMGGG-- it is so hard not to pick it all. there are only 2-3 things that would not apply to me at all bc of my personal practice focus. Some of the getting started info (like email training) has already helped me. I am only halfway through one of the courses I downloaded and it is already worth it. Thank you all for doing this.

Dr Michele McCrea

Therabundle was recommended by Jodie Gale, who contributed her offering 'Blog your way to private practice success'. Even though I had already purchased Jodie's offering, I bought Therabundle based on her recommendation, because I belong to her Facebook groups and trust her judgement.

I have started a couple of the courses and read some of the downloadable products and I am very impressed with their quality and applicability to my practice. All of the support offered is very helpful!

Dr. Jennifer McManus

I bought TheraBundle because I am a student of Dr. Amber Lyda who was promoting the bundle and also had an interesting looking offering in the bundle. I have a lot of respect for and trust in her, so it was an easy decision.

I was amazed at how easy it was to sign up for the offerings that interested me.

I was able to sign up for offerings and learning new things in less than 10 minutes from making this purchase. 


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